About Us

Mad Gravel is a creation of Rattler Racing. We are excited to be hosting the inaugural Mad Gravel race in Salida, Colorado on July 18. Our crew has been hosting mountain bike and cross races over the last 5 years throughout Colorado. We take pride in putting on a successful event for you. To do that, we surround ourselves with the best. From announcing, to accurate timing, to fast and competent medics, to course details and signage, we think every detail through. Most importantly, it’s not a race without the festivities at the end.


Salida is home to one of the most scenic parts of the state. It was an easy decision for us to bring a gravel race to the area and offer up 3 epic course options. Mad Gravel will start and finish just a few feet away from the heart of downtown Salida. We’re excited to be hosting this gravel race for you. Please be sure to contact us about any questions you have about the race.



We put every effort in to cover all the bases and deliver the best race experience.



Enjoy a killer experience with top notch announcing, interviews and music.



Let's face it, after what you just did, seeing some results is kinda important!