So you just want to tackle the epic climb out of Salida eh? Medano sprint is the perfect course for you. The beginning of this 37 mile course has you breathing easy on a short flat section as you leave Salida. But that won’t last long. Turn North and head skyward for the next 2700 feet of elevation gain. Your eyes will thank your legs when you reach the heights of some of the best views in the state. After all that work followed by a descent to the aid station, you’ll get to enjoy smorgasbord of food and refreshment before making a left turn and starting the undulating work before getting to the final descent. Keep track of those first few miles of the climb because you will see them again on the descent, but at a slightly different speed! Make your way back to downtown Salida where we will all convene at Absolute Bikes back patio area for food and drink made possible by our sponsors. It is now time to relax, hang with friends while overlooking the Arkansas River.

Medano is the shortest of the 3 routes, but there is still plenty of climbing to challenge the legs. Like the other routes, after the initial flat section, turn right on to CR 175 and start your climb. You’ll be on this for a bit as you conquer 2800 feet of vertical gain.


Take a nice descent after all that work as you approach Feed Zone 1. You’ll then start the fun loop that will reconnect you back to CR 175 for the descent down. But don’t be fooled, still plenty of climbing after Feed Zone 1.