Safety is a top priority for us. Please abide by these rules and restrictions and all will be good at Mad Gravel!  We expect each and every one of our competitors to uphold the highest level of sportsmanship for fellow racers and the Mad Gravel staff/race personnel. This race course is open to traffic! Do not cross over center line at any time. Not adhering to this important rule could result in disqualification. Please follow the rules of the road. We know you will!

  • Number plates must be handlebar mounted. DO NOT CUT, FOLD, WRAP OR BEND YOUR PLATE.  Number plates will have a disposable timing chip attached to the back.
  • If you do not complete your registered race distance, DO NOT cross the finish line, and immediately inform the timing team for results accuracy
  • Helmets: Mandatory
  • No E-bikes, for 2021 anyway.
  • No headphones. Work with your group to entertain yourselves.
  • No tri-bars or aero bars
  • Motor pacing is not allowed.
  • Littering, don’t do it.
  • Make sure you start at the correct time for your distance.
  • Family and friends, please try to keep the course clear during the event.
  • Unregistered riders are not allowed to ride with race participants
  • Please ride smart, it’s just not worth taking chances.
  • In the event of an on-course emergency, call 911 and locate a marshal or sheriff.
  • Race officials reserve the right to delay or alter course due to unsafe weather conditions.
  • We will provide sweep if you need a ride back to the finish line due to injury or mechanical. Remote areas could take a while.
  • Please let race officials know if you have to drop out.
  • Please lock up your bike if left unattended.
  • Electronic results will be submitted by Rattler Timing. Your time starts when your wave starts, not at the mat.
  • Although unlikely, we reserve the right to change the course prior to race day. Updates will be made to the website ASAP.
  • Be happy. You’re on your bike!